Goshen K. International Outreach, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, California.  Our program empowers disadvantaged, impoverished and orphaned children in Kenya by providing educational resources and basic needs including school supplies, health care, and other necessities.


Orphaned children, the majority between the ages of 10 to 16 years of age, are left without critical guidance, protection, or support.  The problem is overwhelming, the need is immense, but there’s a solution.  In order to achieve our mission, Goshen K. International Outreach will provide weekly resources, specific to the need of each child, to the most vulnerable individuals on the Pap Oriang Kogelo, Kenya on the African continent.


Our program will provide a positive environment for struggling children that addresses their intellectual, social, and economic well-being.  This year, Goshen K. International Outreach, Inc. hopes to:


1. Build the orphanage homes

2. Ship containers with equipment and goods for the orphans (to include food, medical access, clothing, books, etc.)

3. To provide educational access (to include computer access, schools, educations, etc.)


One-hundred percent of the funding we receive directly benefits the orphaned children in Pap Oriang Kogelo, Kenya.


About Us

Goshen K. International Outreach, Inc.

707 W. 73rd Street

Los Angeles, CA 90044


Alice Boston

President & CEO


Alice Boston, President & CEO

Sister Alice Boston is a native of Kogelo, Kenya.  She now lives in Los Angeles, California.  Goshen K International Outreach, Inc. was established as a vehicle for her to assist the orphaned children of Pap Oriang Kogelo, Kenya.